In 2022, Wienerschnitzel trademarked the term “Franksgiving”. In order to make Franksgiving an own-able, seasonal event for the brand, we set out to turn Friendsgiving into Franksgiving by getting Wienerschnitzel hot dogs on the table. 
The problem is, how do you get a food that is so far from what anyone thinks of as a Thanksgiving dish onto the table? Easy. By smuggling it in through a Friendsgiving must-have…wine.
Introducing ✨Winerschnitzel✨ a bespoke wine featuring a symphony of traditional notes infused with the flavors of America’s favorite frankfurter.
The wine is currently in production and will launch this Franksgiving, 2024.
CW: Gene Augusto
CD: Joe Reynoso
ECD: Bob Rayburn & Tony Kalathara
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