Let's be honest...when someone tells you they own a fondue maker, it makes you see them differently.​​​​​​​
With our new #Fondue2You! campaign, we will help the people of Twitter change the way others see them by sending them Cuisinart Fondue Makers.
Airport OOH
On departure, passengers will see this ad on their headrest displays.
Bumble Badge
Add this badge to your Bumble profile and turn any potential "no" into a definite match.
Special Reflective Edition Fondue Maker
So you can see yourself differently.
True Friend or Fondue Friend?
So you've bought a Cuisinart Electric Fondue Maker? That's great! Our advertising worked! But now that you fondue, how can you be sure that the people in your life like you for you? This handy guide, found in every box, will help every new fonduer be sure of the authenticity of their new friends.
Made with Sophie Lichtman
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