When I rejoined Innocean as a freelancer, I was brought on to a project that I later found out was the one that no one wanted to work on. We were asked to rebrand Hyundai’s "Certified Pre-Owned” program with a clearer new name, a new positioning line and introduce the new and compelling program enhancements in a 360º campaign. We were given a tiny budget compared to our competition which, on average, out spent us 6 to 1. And we were asked to create the campaign with existing photography and running footage that was 3-4 years old because, after all, we were advertising old Hyundais.
We came up with Hyundai Certified Used Vehicles, "The best of what's next", and a campaign inspired by the continued journey a Certified Used Hyundai embarks on when their owner says “Goodbye”. In an effort to stand out and provide the client with creative that could meet their needs in a crowded and competitive segment, we steered away from the expectations and the tired, old approach of using existing assets. Instead, we came up with a fresh new look and feel, unlike anything Hyundai had done before, using CG animation featuring our cars in a bright, eye catching, illustrated world.
Point of Sale
We carried the look and feel of the rebrand campaign into dealerships. Here's a look at the pole banner, table tent, the mirror hangs tags and license plate inserts you'd find find on the lot.
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Static and Video ads
Dynamic Display
Agency: Innocean USA
Creative Director: Sherry Dargert
Copywriter: Debbie Lavdas
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