Every Summer, Wienerschnitzel hosts the Wiener Nationals, a family friendly event in which over 100 wiener dogs race to be crowned “The Fastest Wiener in the West”.
There’s even a direct to DVD movie about it!
For the 26th annual Wiener Nationals, we created a museum experience to honor the legends that once sniffed butts in these hallowed halls. 
I spent over 100 hours digitally painting 10 portraits of dachshunds (with the help of a summer intern) to be framed and displayed in the museum.  We created an audio tour to tell the stories of each of the legendary wienies and displayed items from their past like game worn jersey’s (racing vests), a tennis ball chewed by a past champion, and a racer’s lucky frisbee.
3 2024 OC Addy awards 
Gold - Elements of Advertising: Illustration
Silver - Out of Home
Bronze - Elements of Advertising: Art Direction
CW: Gene Augusto
CD: Joe Reynoso
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